Airocide systems eradicate virtually every microorganism they encounter. 99.999 percent of them on the first pass. Proven in clinical studies. Proven in real-world hospital operating rooms. Airocide’s bioconversion technology eliminates bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew and removes harmful volatile organic compounds.

The Core Technology

Airocide’s nanocoating technology permanently bonds Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) to the surface of the mini-tubules that comprise the catalytic bed. This permits the perpetual generation of surface-bound (OH-) radicals and prevents the generation and release of harmful byproducts such as Ozone.​

Bound to the surface, these (OH-) radicals can only contact organic matter when a virus, bacterium, VOC or other organic particulate when one physically collides with it. As that happens, total mineralization takes place at a molecular level. Permanent eradication results with the original organic converted into harmless vapor.


Comprehensive Water Management Solutions and Consulting

​Developed by NASA, Airocide bioconversion technology converts damaging molds, microorganisms, dangerous pathogens, destructive VOCs and biological gasses into harmless water vapor without producing Ozone or other harmful byproducts. Green and energy efficient, treated air exits as 99.999% pathogen free fresh air on the first pass. FDA approved, Airocide is the one that works.​

Developed by NASA

Advanced Photocatalytic Oxidation​ Technology

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The technology behind Airocide was developed to keep produce from the International Space Station's plant growth chamber fresh longer and it was able to deliver on that promise. Today, this technology has been adopted by a wide array of customers to:

  • Extend shelf life of their produce 
  • Minimize losses from premature ripening and mold attacks 
  • Ensure food safety
  • Control odors
  • Simplify storage requirements